Vanessa Bryant Celebrates Kobe Bryant’s ‘The Wizenard Series: Season One’

by Shine My Crown Staff
The Bryant Family

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of late LA Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, is celebrating the posthumous release of his book, The Wizenard Series: Season One.

“Welcome back to Dren! We hope you are all ready to catch up with the West Bottom Badgers for another magical basketball season. The #Wizenard Series: Season One is OUT NOW.🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡#KobeBryant #GranityStudios #Kobeinc” wrote Bryant in the post’s caption.

“Reggie has never felt destined for greatness. He dreams about basketball brilliance all day and night, but the hard truth is that he’s a benchwarmer for the West Bottom Badgers, the worst team in the league. Even their mysterious new coach, Rolabi Wizenard, can’t seem to help them end their losing streak,” the book descripton reads.

The book centers on West Bottom Badgers, a struggling basketball team in a poverty-struck neighborhood. The team’s fortune is reversed under the direction – and magic – of their coach, Professor Wizenard.

The book is a follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestseller The Wizenard Series: Training Camp―a story of strain and sacrifice, supernatural breakthroughs, and supreme dedication to the game.

“Sports/fantasy is a blend of two of my passions: sports and fantasy storytelling,” Kobe Bryant said during an interview Barnes and Noble in 2019. “I’m a voracious reader and huge Harry Potter fan. So, it was a natural fit for me from that perspective. And, I think kids respond to lessons they learn while being entertained. It connects back to my desire to want to bring joy back to youth sports, while teaching important life lessons.”The book is out now.

The Wizenard Series: Season One is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Books A Million and Hudson Booker Sellers.

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