Relationship Coach Ina Johnson Myers Shows Women How To Rise Above Narcissistic Abuse In New Book

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Ina Johnson Myers

Ina Johnson Myers, a seasoned specialist and relationship coach, has dedicated over two decades to assisting women in discerning the nuances between healthy and narcissistic love dynamics.

Renowned for her insightful counsel, Myers has empowered countless women to navigate the complexities of relationships. Additionally, she has made her mark as an esteemed author and international keynote speaker.

Her latest literary endeavor, “Rising Above Narcissistic Abuse Volume 2: Transforming Devastation into Purpose,” is evidence of her unwavering commitment to aiding survivors of narcissistic abuse.

The book, which swiftly ascended to the #1 spot on Amazon’s bestseller list, is an anthology that showcases the profound narratives of 11 courageous women who triumphed over the shackles of narcissistic manipulation.

Contributing authors including Dianne Kevwitch, Liz Wagner, LaCandis Reid, Joy Mpezeni, and others, candidly recount their harrowing ordeals and subsequent journey towards healing and self-discovery.

These stories, underscored by resilience and hope, offer solace and inspiration to individuals grappling with similar traumas.

Myers elucidated the motivation behind compiling the anthology, stating:

“We wanted to give voice, hope, strength, and strategies to women who are emotionally stuck due to the devastation of narcissistic abuse.”

Her previous volume, “Rising Above Narcissistic Abuse Volume 1: Your Navigational Journey to Freedom,” received widespread acclaim for its transformative impact.

Dr. Rhonda M. Wood, an esteemed mental health speaker and survivor of narcissistic abuse, penned the foreword for Volume 2, praising Myers for crafting a lifeline for those ensnared in abusive relationships.

Describing the book as “a tapestry of hope,” Wood commended Myers for shedding light on the pervasive issue of domestic violence.

With captivating titles like “The High Was a Lie” and “The Wolf in the Pulpit,” the anthology captivates readers with its poignant narratives and resonant themes.

Clocking in at just 106 pages, the book offers a concise yet powerful exploration of the human spirit’s capacity for resilience.

“Rising Above Narcissistic Abuse Volume 2” is now available in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon, offering a beacon of hope to survivors worldwide.

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