Voters Are Still Skeptical Of Kamala Harris’ Presidential Prospects, According To New Poll

by Gee NY

Voter skepticism about Vice President Kamala Harris’ ability to secure the presidency has emerged prominently in a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll.

The results of the poll overshadows her potential candidacy as President Joe Biden’s heir apparent amid concerns over his age and reelection prospects.

The poll indicates only a third of voters believe Harris could win a presidential election if nominated by the Democratic Party, with doubts pervasive even among Democrats, where only three in five express confidence in her candidacy.

Independents are notably more skeptical, with just a quarter envisioning her as a viable contender.

Public perception of Harris as a leader mirrors her predecessor, with a mixed reception — 42% view her as a strong leader, predominantly among Democrats, contrasting with only a third of independents.

Her overall favorability stands at 42%, unfavorability at 52%, similar to Biden’s ratings.

Despite challenges, Harris shows strength among key demographics like Black voters, where she outperforms Biden, a shift since their primary competition.

Yet, her appeal varies significantly on issues such as abortion versus immigration, reflecting both strengths and weaknesses in her public image.

Critically, Harris faces doubts about readiness for the presidency and trustworthiness, particularly among independents.

Concerns persist that she may not allay voter anxieties about presidential succession should Biden become unable to serve, potentially shaping the electoral landscape in 2024.

While admired for her focus on reproductive health and racial justice, Harris struggles to gain traction beyond her core issues, a limitation that strategists suggest could impact her broader appeal in a presidential campaign.

The survey underscores Harris’ pivotal role within the Democratic Party, commanding support for a potential 2028 run among party faithful but encountering skepticism about her electability and suitability from a wider electorate.

As Harris navigates challenges and seeks to broaden her appeal, her trajectory remains intertwined with Biden’s political fortunes, setting the stage for a pivotal political journey ahead.

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