Where Is Robin Roberts?: Folks Ask Why Good Morning America Co-Host Has Been Replaced

by Gee NY

Recently, Good Morning America fans were concerned when devoted co-host Robin Roberts was absent from her usual spot. But why isn’t Robin on GMA?

On June 18, viewers noticed that Robin Roberts wasn’t in her Good Morning America chair. Instead, Rebecca Jarvis joined Michael Strahan for the broadcast, causing confusion among fans.

While some were surprised by the switch-up, they were relieved to learn that Robin is doing okay and is covering a special segment with co-host George Stephanopoulos abroad.

Although many Good Morning America fans were stunned to see Robin Roberts missing from her normal post, others had a clue from Friday’s show.

During that broadcast, Michael Strahan joked with his co-host about being jealous of her upcoming trip. Robin was preparing for a southern European excursion to Portugal.

Despite her absence shaking up the morning line-up, she gets a fun and exciting assignment out of the deal. She even sends a few clips to tide everyone over from sunny Portugal.

On Robin’s Instagram page, she sent her love from abroad, captioning:

“Good morning from gorgeous Portugal! Perfect setting for Glam Fam & I to share with you our #tuesdaythoughts #cmon.”

She shared inspirational words with the “Glam Fam” from the beaches of Portugal, reminding fans not to be discouraged and that “good things are to come,” despite any frustrations. She also led viewers in a message of prayer.

GMA fans returned her love in the comments. One fan wrote:

“AMEN God’s promises are true so do not give up, indeed. Have a wonderful time. You ladies look beautiful. Happy Tuesday.”

Another commented:

“I open this app and this is always right on time !! And I’m loving the print you’re wearing!!!”

While Robin Roberts is soaking in the views and culture of Portugal, she also gets a little taste of home. She was astonished to find Americans greeting her everywhere she went.

She uploaded a video of some of the exchanges along the way, captioning:

“We are meeting so many Americans all across Portugal…and we can’t wait to introduce you to some of them who now call this beautiful country home. Much more coming up on @goodmorningamerica!”

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