Woman Who Wanted Out of Notorious Virginia Gang Was Told She Would Have to Be Beaten Out. She Was Found Dead the Same Day

by Xara Aziz
Facebook/Tyosha Mitchell

A Virginia woman who was a part of a gang decided she wanted to turn her life around, so she opted to leave Vietnam Baby Gorilla gang, a Norfolk-based group she was affiliated with. But before she could leave, the gang members would have to “beat her out.”

Tyosha Mitchell, 25, would end up dead, according to court documents. Shortly after she was brutally beaten on May 6, she was shot and found dead the same day along a tree line.

Mitchell was the highest-ranking female member of the crime ring she desperately wanted to leave. Police say three women beat her repeatedly for 31 seconds. She fell to the ground and crouched into a fetal position but a male gang member picked her back up again so the women could continue to beat her.

When Mitchell returned home, three women and two men banged on her door, entered and continued to beat her, according to a witness who spoke to York General District Court.

The witness says the beating may have taken place because Mitchell was caught having relations with one of the women’s lovers. Investigators believe after the beating in her home, she was taken away in a black Hyundai Sonata. Another witness said that they heard gunshots shortly before 4 am. Her body was found the same morning.

Jamica Danielle Langley, 24, of Richmond; Acacia Jackson, 18, of Norfolk; Hezekiah “H.K.” Janile Carney, 24, of Norfolk; and Jayquan Allen Jones, 20, of Richmond have all been charged with second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit a felony in connection with Mitchell’s death.

In phone records obtained by police, one of the suspects, Carney, was near the car where Mitchell was transported to the scene of her death.

“According to Mr. Carney’s records, it was found that his device communicates to all parties involved before and after the incident,” police documents say.

Furthermore, “Jackson’s phone records show she called Mitchell twice shortly before the initial beating on the 6th. Jackson’s phone was used in the area of Mitchell’s residence and again near the scene where Mitchell’s body was found — about five minutes before the gunshots were heard,” according to a Daily Press report.

All four suspects are being held without bail. Their preliminary hearings have been scheduled for September.

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