Woman’s Violent Traffic Stop Captured On Bodycam Prompts Investigation

by Gee NY

A traffic stop in New Castle County, Delaware, captured on police bodycam, has sparked an investigation into the use of force by county police after a tense encounter with a woman on June 29.

The incident unfolded when an officer observed multiple traffic violations and discovered the vehicle had a suspended registration, lacking insurance.

Bodycam footage from July 4 shows the officer approaching the Black woman’s vehicle and instructing her to step out.

The situation escalated as the woman questioned the basis of the stop and attempted to contact her attorney.

Despite repeated requests from the officer, she refused to exit her car.

“I’m gonna pull you out and put you in handcuffs when my backup officer gets here,” the officer is heard saying in the video.

Subsequently, officers forcibly removed the woman from her vehicle, leading to a physical altercation where an officer threatened to use force.

During the altercation, the woman sustained visible injuries to her knee and elbow.

Multiple angles from police bodycams captured the chaotic scene, showing the woman resisting arrest and officers employing force to subdue her.

At one point, an officer accused the woman of grabbing his foot while another shouted commands.

According to a police statement, the vehicle also displayed evidence of an old bullet hole with police markings on it.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer addressed the incident in a statement on July 1, confirming that the matter will be investigated thoroughly by the New Castle County Police’s Professional Standards and Use of Force units.

The Police Accountability Board will review policies, training, and practices related to de-escalation and cultural competency in light of the incident.

Details regarding the specific charges faced by the woman during the traffic stop have not yet been clarified.

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