Yung Miami Renders ‘Verdict’ On Diddy After Cassie’s Assault Video

by Grace Somes
Yung Miami and Diddy || Image credit: @yungmiami @diddy

Days after the viral video of Diddy assaulting ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura surfaced, Diddy’s other former girlfriend, Yung Miami, has reacted!

CNN released the video of Combs grabbing, pushing, dragging, and kicking Ventura just before 1 p.m. ET on Friday. The incident matches the claims made by Ventura in a federal lawsuit that was eventually settled.

In November, Cassie—legal name: Cassandra Ventura—filed a lawsuit against Combs, claiming that she had been subjected to years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse

But, she dropped the case a day later after the parties reached an out-of-court settlement.

Diddy went quiet for almost two days before addressing the issue on social media. He said he accepted full responsibility for his “inexcusable” actions in the video and was “disgusted” with himself. 

Diddy is not the only the person to comment on the video. Other celebrities, including 50 Cent, comedian Luenell Campbell, and Diddy’s first baby mama, Misa Hylton, have vehemently condemned the rapper’s actions in the viral video.

Diddy’s other former girlfriend, Yung Miami, has also reacted after keeping her silence even after being accused in Diddy’s sexual assault lawsuit as a sex worker.

According to court docs, Daphne Joy and Yung Miami allegedly received a monthly fee from Diddy to serve as his sex workers.

Based on the search, the young female rapper is no longer following her ex-boyfriend, who is now 54 years old. 

Based on another check, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, basketball player Steph Curry, and LeBron James have also unfollowed Diddy on Instagram after the rap mogul admitted to beating Cassie.

Just last month, James’ son, 16-year-old high school star Bryce, was spotted on vacation with Diddy’s daughters. At the same time, the mogul is still being investigated for sex trafficking.

In December, after Cassie Ventura accused Diddy of sexual abuse, at least three other women filed lawsuits against Diddy.

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