16-Year-Old Alanah Poullard Accepted into 60 Colleges, Earns Over $1 Million in Scholarships

by Gee NY

Alanah Poullard, a remarkable African American teenager from Jennings, Louisiana, is set to graduate high school at the young age of 16.

Her achievements don’t stop there – she has been accepted into an astounding 60 colleges across the country and has secured over a million dollars in scholarships.

“It’s happening so fast it feels like I just started my first year of high school, like my first day of high school, and now to say I’m graduating is just a shock,” Poullard shared with KLFY.

Poullard’s passion for medicine is evident, as she earned an internship at the American Academy of Medicine and Surgery at the University of California last summer.

Her dedication and hard work have paid off, with acceptances pouring in from prestigious institutions nationwide.

Reflecting on her journey, Poullard vividly remembers the exhilarating moment of receiving acceptance letters.

“When I say I ran to that bathroom so quick, and I was jumping up and down. I had jumped out of my heels. I was so happy,” she recounted.

Poullard’s journey to success began at a young age when she made headlines at 5 years old for meeting former President Barack Obama.

Her determination and charm were evident as she personally asked him to write an excuse note to her teacher, allowing her to attend a Wounded Warriors program at the White House with her parents.

Now, as she prepares for college, Poullard offers invaluable advice to aspiring students facing academic challenges.

“Just because you don’t have a high A-C-T score or your grades might not be that good, you can still apply to that school if you want to,” Poullard encourages. “I guarantee you when you have a long list of community services that you’ve done, that’s going to say a lot about you as a person.”

Looking ahead, Poullard has made the decision to attend Louisiana State University to major in microbiology.

Her ultimate goal is to attend medical school and become a trauma surgeon, paving the way for future generations of young achievers.

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