Luxury Handbag Founder’s Brand Gets Beyoncé’s Stamp Of Approval

by Gee NY

Wilglory Tanjong, the founder of Anima Iris, has caught the attention of none other than Beyoncé.

In a recent Instagram post on April 7, 2024, the iconic singer showcased her support for Tanjong’s brand by accessorizing her outfit with a luxury handbag from Anima Iris.

This marks the second time Beyoncé has been spotted sporting the brand since 2021, highlighting her appreciation for Tanjong’s creations.

“ANIMA IRIS IS BEYONCÉ APPROVED… AGAIN!!” exclaimed Tanjong on Instagram. “I know y’all will ask so YES, I’m releasing the bag we made just for Bey and I’m naming it the Cowboy Carter ZAZA. Available now on…AHHH BEYONCÉ APPROVEDDD.”

Beyoncé’s endorsement is not only a testament to the quality and style of Anima Iris but also to Tanjong’s journey of turning her vision into reality.

Born out of Tanjong’s travels in Africa and her desire to bridge the gap in the luxury market, Anima Iris has quickly gained recognition for its unique designs and cultural influences.

Tanjong’s path to entrepreneurship was shaped by her upbringing and experiences, including witnessing her parents’ entrepreneurial endeavors and her own academic achievements.

Despite starting with just $5,000 from her personal savings, Tanjong managed to grow Anima Iris into a thriving business, generating $2.3 million in revenue within four years.

Her journey is a testament to resilience and determination, as she navigated challenges and pursued her passion for creating a brand that celebrates women of color and African culture.

Through partnerships with artisans in Senegal and strategic marketing efforts, Tanjong has successfully established Anima Iris as a sought-after luxury brand.

As she continues to expand her business and seek investment opportunities, Tanjong remains grateful for the support of influential figures like Beyoncé.

With her brand receiving Beyoncé’s stamp of approval, Tanjong’s entrepreneurial journey is poised for even greater success.

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