2 Muslim Women Accuse Biden-Harris Staff of Islamophobia for Not Allowing Them to Attend Campaign Event

by Xara Aziz
YouTube via CNBC

Two women allege Biden-Harris campaign staffers profiled them due to their Islamic faith.

In a video posted on X that has since gone viral, an unidentified person believed to be a part of the Biden-Harris staff at the Get the Vote Out event in Las Vegas Saturday appears to tell the two women that they are not allowed to attend the event.

“We are choosing who’s going in and out of the event. I’m sorry,” the staffer said.

One woman is then heard asking off camera: “Why are you choosing us not to go in when we have an invite?”

Another woman asks, “You specifically singled us out.”

One of the women then calls the staffer a “racist” and questions whether she was not allowed to enter because she is wearing a hijab.

Meanwhile, the staffer allows other eventgoers to enter the venue.

One attendee then requests that the women be allowed to enter, but he responds, “No, I’m sorry.”

Since the video went viral, a spokesperson for the campaign said the women were not allowed entry because they disrupted other events held by Democratic lawmakers.

On a statement posted on X, the Nevadans for Palestinian Liberation have accused the Biden-Harris campaign of “explicitly turning away Muslim constituents from attending campaign events.”

“It is shameful to see the Biden-Harris staff and [Nevada] Dems staff use post-9/11 racist tactics to target Muslims and Arab Americans in 2024,” the group said in a statement.

And in another statement issued by Robert McCaw, the government affairs director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (Cair), “the American people deserve to know whether these women were profiled and barred from an event featuring Vice President Harris because they were visibly Muslim.”

He continued: “Throughout her term, Vice President Harris has been respectful in her interactions with American Muslims, even during a time of intense disagreement. We encourage Vice President Harris to take appropriate action to address this apparent incident of profiling.”

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