Kamala Harris Advocates For LGBTQ+ Rights In Exclusive Interview As She Discloses Investments In Pride Month Events

by Gee NY

The Biden-Harris 2024 campaign is ramping up efforts to engage LGBTQ+ voters through strategic investments in media and Pride month organizing.

This initiative comes alongside exclusive interviews and appearances by Vice President Kamala Harris, who recently spoke with the Washington Blade about LGBTQ+ rights and the stakes of the upcoming election.

Harris’s interview follows a series of Pride month engagements, including her greeting of LGBTQ+ leaders and allies at Los Angeles International Airport and First Lady Jill Biden’s appearance at Pittsburgh Pride.

These events mark the beginning of a concerted effort to mobilize “equality voters” in key battleground states ahead of November’s election.

The campaign has outlined a range of activities, including participation in over 200 Pride events across 23 states and a fundraising event in New York City hosted by President Joe Biden and the First Lady.

Notable surrogates like Evan Wolfson and Brandon Wolf are joining the effort to engage LGBTQ+ communities and highlight the administration’s record on LGBTQ+ rights.

However, the campaign is also confronting the threat posed by right-wing agendas like Project 2025, which seeks to roll back LGBTQ+ rights and advance Christian nationalist ideals.

Harris, in her interview with the Blade, stressed on the importance of taking these threats seriously and mobilizing to protect LGBTQ+ rights.

The campaign said that “attacking LGBTQ+ Americans and taking away their rights” is a “cornerstone” of Project 2025, the right-wing Heritage Foundation’s 887-page agenda for a second Trump term that would reshape American government to advance Christian nationalist ideals.

For example, the document outlines efforts to:

As Pride month unfolds, the Biden-Harris campaign is positioning itself as a champion for LGBTQ+ equality while also mobilizing support to counter regressive agendas that threaten progress in LGBTQ+ rights and freedoms.

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