Antoinette Candia-Bailey: Tragic Death Of VP Of Lincoln University’s Student Affairs Prompts Calls For Ouster Of President

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In a devastating turn of events, Lincoln University in Missouri announced on Friday that its president, John Moseley, has been placed on paid leave as a third party conducts a review of personnel issues and mental health concerns.

This decision comes in the aftermath of the tragic death of Antoinette “Bonnie” Candia-Bailey, the university’s Vice President of Student Affairs, who died by suicide earlier in the week.

The university’s board of curators revealed that President Moseley voluntarily opted for paid leave to ensure an independent review of the circumstances surrounding Candia-Bailey’s death and the concerns raised by students and alumni.

Board President Victor Pasley emphasized the commitment to prioritizing the mental health of Lincoln University employees and ensuring respectful treatment for everyone.

Antoinette Candia-Bailey, 49, took her own life in Illinois, as confirmed by her mother, Veronica Candia, and husband, Anthony Bailey, in exclusive interviews with NBC News.

They disclosed that she had been terminated by President Moseley on January 3, although the university has not commented on the circumstances of her termination, referring to her as a “beloved alum and leader” in an official statement.

Veronica Candia and Anthony Bailey expressed that Candia-Bailey had shared concerns about her deteriorating relationship with Moseley during the holidays.

While no specifics were disclosed, Bailey indicated that his wife felt unsupported and was experiencing depression in her role at the university.

Monica Graham, a long-time friend of Candia-Bailey, shared that the late Vice President had expressed her struggles with the job during a meeting in October, stating, “This job isn’t going to kill me, and this job depresses me.”

Candia and Bailey reported that they have not been contacted by President Moseley since Candia-Bailey’s tragic death.

The university’s national alumni association president, Sherman Bonds, echoed the sentiments of many, calling for new leadership and emphasizing the breach in institutional care that he attributes to the office of the presidency.

As the community mourns the loss of Antoinette Candia-Bailey, her mother expressed gratitude for the outpouring of admiration on social media. Candia-Bailey’s husband wishes for her to be remembered as a devoted advocate for Lincoln University, where she graduated in 1998.

Calls for accountability and transparency continue to grow, as the university and its community grapple with the aftermath of a deeply tragic event that has exposed systemic concerns within the institution.

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