Ashanti Beams After Nelly Calls Her ‘Baby Mama’ On Stage: Fans React

by Grace Somes
Ashanti and Nelly || Image credit: @ashanti

Following a recent incident between Ashanti and Nelly on stage, the internet is ablaze with conflicting opinions. Nelly called Ashanti his “baby mama,” sending fans and social media users into a frenzy.

Renowned for their hits like ‘Foolish’ and ‘Always on My Mind,’ Ashanti and Nelly share a relationship that’s as intricate as their music. Their love story, which began in the early 2000s, has seen its fair share of ups and downs, with a decade-long break followed by a rekindling of their romance.

After months of speculation, Ashanti dropped a bombshell on Wednesday, April 17, with an Instagram video captioned ‘”Baby, b'” by, baby.’ Her unexpected pregnancy announcement left fans and followers in awe.”

In an exclusive interview with Essence magazine, Ashanti confirmed the news of her engagement with Nelly, adding another twist to their already sweet relationship.

“This new year of my life is such a blessing full of love, hope, and anticipation,” she said. “Motherhood is something that I have looked forward to, and sharing this with my family, fiancé, and loyal fans, who have supported my career, is an amazing experience.”

Since the announcement, the pair have been almost problem-free until a recent clip of pregnant Ashanti surprising Nelly during his stage performance went viral.

Ashanti gave her fiancee a bouquet of balloons, which prompted happy Nelly to shout into the microphone, “That’s my baby mama.”

Some fans expressed surprise and confusion on social media, while others thought the moment was humorous and lighthearted. Many questioned their relationship’s nature and whether Nelly meant something more serious when he commented.

“Did Nelly just call Ashanti his ‘baby mama’?? What’s going on here?!” one fan commented.

“Y’all are so miserable… I’m happy for them,” another wrote.

“The comments loud with the baby mama……….. My friend calls her whole husband baby daddy …. Relax,” someone added.

While this is Ashanti’s first child, Nelly is already an experienced father. He has a daughter, Chanelle (also known as Nana), 30, and a son, Cornell III, 25, who goes by Tre. Nelly’s journey as a father began tragically when his sister Jackie Donahue, then 31, passed away from leukemia in 2005. Since then, he has been a pillar of support, raising his niece Sydney and nephew Shawn as his own.

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