Cardi B And Offset Hang Out In NYC After Spending Christmas Together Despite Bitter Split

by Grace Somes
Cardi B and Offset || Image credit: @iamcardib @offsetryn

Did Cardi B reunite with her estranged husband, Offset, or did the two seemingly put their differences aside for the sake of their daughter, Kulture, and son, Wave?

Although Cardi B has made it crystal clear she’s not back together with Offset, they’re still spending an awful lot of time together.

Despite their bitter split, which recently caused the award-winning rapper to break down during an emotional Instagram Live, the duo reunited to watch their two children open gifts at a family gathering on Christmas Day.

Cardi B shared videos of her kids opening their Christmas presents on Instagram. In one clip, Offset is cheering on his son Wave Cephus to rip the paper off his gift. The Migos rhymer even assisted him by tearing a piece of the paper with his bandaged hand.

The Bongos performer took fans on a tour of the holiday-decorated home, showing off her long red-painted nails and
separate Christmas trees for her two kids. Daughter Kulture had a Hello Kitty tree, while Wave had a Baby Shark tree.

“Merry Christmas Eve. From my home to yours. Thank you, @david_christophers_inc,” Cardi B posted on Instagram.

Shortly after, the couple were caught spending time in New York City on Thursday.

Although Cardi and Offset took strategic lengths not to be pictured together, a fan gave them away after she grabbed pictures with them.

The photo shows the same woman posing in a snap with Cardi and then one with Offset, giving off their location at the same store.

Cardi B and Offset’s tumultuous relationship faced major challenges this year, leading to their December publicized split.

After disclosing that she and Offset have separated, on Friday, December 15, 2023, Cardi jumped on X to blast the Migos rapper.

The Grammy award-winning artist also took to her Instagram and slammed Offset for being deceitful and disloyal.

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