Chrisean’s Son Enjoys Heartwarming Day With Grandpa, Blueface’s Dad: Social Media Swoons

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock and Jonathan Porter Sr || Image: @chrisean @jonathan_michael1

Chrisean Rock’s son recently shared a sweet day with his grandfather, Blueface’s father, in a touching demonstration of family bonding that won over hearts on social media everywhere.

Blueface may not be in the running for a Father of the Year award, especially considering his treatment of his youngest son, Junior. However, his father,  Jonathan Porter Sr, is a beacon of hope.

Generally speaking, Chrisean Rock’s relationship with Blueface has been the main source of many controversies, from him ‘fighting’ over Blueface with his fiancee, Jayden Alexis, to him denying that he is the father of her son, Chrisean Jr. 

Last November, the reality star disclosed on the Jason Lee Show that she and her ‘should-be’ ex, Blueface, are still sexually involved, detailing that they had unprotected sex even after he secretly conducted a DNA test on their son. 

According to Chrisean, this “encounter” occurred six weeks after the birth of their first child, Chrisean Jr, in early September.

Blueface is in jail, and Chrisean Rock’s life is going in another direction. In April, the reality TV star disclosed that she had quit smoking and drinking to focus on her health and possibly going into professional footballing.

Now, she focuses on family as she takes her son to spend quality time with his grandfather, Blueface’s dad.

The video, which has quickly gone viral, features Chrisean’s son enjoying a nap in the doting arms of his grandfather.

The heartwarming video, shared across various platforms, shows the precious moments between the little one and his doting grandpa, eliciting a wave of affection and admiration from fans.

The comment section lit up with a maryid of reactions as soon as the video surfaced. 

“He is a good grandpa. He is always there supporting Chrisean and Jr.,” a fan wrote. 

Another commented, “They treat that baby like a stage prop.”

“This baby still looks like he just came out of the womb!!!” another fan added.

“The grandkids give the grandparents purpose in their older age …. Stop judging this! It’s NORMAL!” another person said.

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