CupcakKe Slams Hypocrisy Over Lil Nas X’s BET Awards Kiss

by Shine My Crown Staff

Rapper CupcakKe is calling out what she feels is a double standard after Lil Nas X was dragged for kissing a male dancer during the BET Awards show on Sunday night.

While not all of the feedback from Lil Nas X’s performance was positive, most people praised the spirited performance. But of course, the trolls always make the loudest noise.

CupcakKe says that female artists do not receive the same ill treatment.

“Mfs downplay 2 n**gas kissing in front of a certain audience,but don’t keep the same energy when it’s 2 b**ches which HAVE been done before on TV, VIDEOS,CHALLENGE SHOWS,ETC,if y’all don’t like black gay men just say that.Keep the same energy for both sex or don’t apply it at all,” she wrote.

CupcakKe is known for being a sex-positive rapper, but being a female rapper has meant that openly expressing herself and her views publicly have often been met with some pushback.

“When a man talks about sex it’s like, “Oh wow, this is lit. We’re about to f**k to this music.” But when it’s a female, like me, it’s “Oh my god, she’s such a h*e!” That’s not okay,” she told Teen Vogue in 2017.

“There are so many double standards, not just in rap, but everywhere. And it’s like, if you’re a girl and you have sex, you’re not allowed to talk about it? Why not? If you can talk about how in love with someone you are and how good your relationship is, then you can talk about how good the sex is, too.”

The rapper declared that she’s an unwavering feminist.

“Anything guys can do, girls can, and most of the time, they’re out there working harder and doing it better. You’re going to hear a lot of that on my new album,” she said. “So many people are always saying, “Oh you write sex songs,” and I do, but I also talk about what’s important. Art is the place to talk about what’s going on in the world. Artists have the power to open people’s minds a little bit more, and speak on issues that need to be talked about.”

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