Deidre Mathis: Founder Of First Black-Owned Hostel In The US Is Thriving With Her Chain Of Boutique Hotels

by Gee NY
Deidre Mathis

At just 32 years old, Deidre Mathis etched her name into the annals of history as a trailblazing entrepreneur in the hospitality sector.

With a passion for travel and a vision for innovative hospitality experiences, Mathis founded Wanderstay Hospitality Group in 2018, establishing herself as the first Black woman to own and operate a hostel in the United States.

Mathis’s journey into entrepreneurship was inspired by her extensive solo travels, where she forged deep connections with fellow travelers while staying in hostels across the globe.

Drawing from her experiences, she launched Wanderstay Hospitality Group in Houston, Texas, intending to create a multi-concept hospitality brand that catered to diverse travelers.

With overwhelming support from the Houston community, Mathis raised over $5,000 in just 31 days, supplementing her efforts with a small business loan. This financial backing enabled Wanderstay Hospitality Group to establish two distinct ventures: Wanderstay Boutique Hotel, offering 10 rooms of upscale accommodation, and Wanderstay Houston Hostel, providing 27 beds for budget-conscious travelers.

Since its inception, Wanderstay Hospitality Group has welcomed over 30,000 guests, offering unique and immersive experiences to travelers from around the world.

Mathis’s entrepreneurial prowess didn’t stop there. In addition to opening the first Black-owned hostel in the U.S., she also achieved the milestone of launching Houston’s first Black-owned hotel, breaking barriers and setting new standards in the industry.

Reflecting on her rapid success, Mathis expressed gratitude for turning her vision into reality within just two years.

Her relentless dedication to her business remains unwavering, as evidenced by her recent participation in an accelerator program created by Fiverr.

This initiative aims to empower early-stage Black entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Canada with essential resources, mentorship, and education, further solidifying Mathis’s commitment to driving positive change in the hospitality landscape.

We celebrate Mathis because she continues to chart new territories and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

Her legacy as a pioneering hotelier and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the hospitality industry continues to grow, leaving a strong mark on the world of travel and accommodation.

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