Fantasia & Danielle Brooks Encourage YouTuber Questioning Her Faith In God – ” There Is A Reason For Your Pain”

by Grace Somes
Fantasia, Danielle Brooks and Joy

Fantasia & Danielle Brooks Encourage YouTuber Questioning Her Faith In God – ” There Is A Reason For Your Pain” 

Fantasia and Danielle Brooks turned an interview into an emotional sermon when they spoke life into a YouTuber who told them she was questioning her faith in God.

25-year-old Joy turned her interview into the perfect opportunity to tap into the wise wells of singer and actress Fantasia and Danielle Brooks.

Joy shared that she grapples with her faith, especially during tough times. 

“Why? Why do we have to go through pain? Why?”

Fantasia promptly directed her to watch the video of Bishop George Bloomer prophesying about her life about 15 years ago. 

“Because we have to go through some things to appreciate what we have in our life,” Fantasia added.

Danielle Brooks also shared her thoughts on why Christians face trials and tribulations. The Sophia character actress revealed that she nearly quit acting but held on to her faith, and now she is an Oscar nominee. 

” If you only knew some of the sh*t I went through at the top of this year as an actor…But I had to go through that to get to this moment so that I could know my worth and not want to be someone else. 

“So now, I got to tell you got to go the course. There’s a reason for your pain,” Danielle Brooks disclosed.

Bishop Bloomer had foreseen challenges that Fantasia was about to experience, and he sent her words of caution.

“When satan attacks us, attacks come from our future. Stanaic attacks come from our future, and so accusations and criticisms are the final stage before promotion, ” Bishop Bloomer continued. “You can always tell how blessed you are going to be tomorrow by the hell you’re going through right now.”

In 2006, shortly after the message, Fantasia was sued by her father over what she wrote about him in her memoir Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

Soon, The Color Purple star began facing financial difficulties, which led to her overdose of aspirin in 2010.

Now her testimony is serving millions of people,” Danielle Brooks added. 

Watch the full interview below:

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