Fans Slam Sexxy Red For Posing With Kids – “She Has No Message For Little Black Girls!”

by Grace Somes
Sexxy Red || Image credit: @sexxyred

Social media is tearing into Sexxy Red after posing with middle school-aged fans.

The “SkeeYee” rapper is known for her unfiltered rap punchlines.

Although Sexyy Red is undoubtedly one of the most popular emerging artistes, many fans online were not happy that she had a young fanbase who knew her catchphrase.

Missouri’s rising star shared a video of herself on X (formerly Twitter), posing with a gathering of young teens as they screamed, “SKII YEE” into the camera.

The clip drew a lot of comments as many questioned the parenting style of the young teenagers.

“She has no message for little kids… There’s no reason for this… Her music is for adults.. She has no business with little black girls or kids… It’s protect black girls till it’s shit like this, huh,” one user complained.

Another added, “I feel what you’re saying…. But sexy red around a bunch of little kids screaming “SKII YEE” will never be TEA. That shit ain’t cute. We keep saying THIS, then see videos of kids reacting to it. Lil teens and mental health of kids getting and LOOKING older, crashing out for less.”

Others also came to the rapper’s defense, pointing out that she was just a musician and not the one in charge of any kid’s morals.

“The whole sexxy red discourse is so annoying. Like trina kim khia jackie o ain’t have some of the wildest lyrics. The whole “our kids are watching” is annoying too. Like those are pl who have their own kids, you are to raise your child. nobody else,” a SkeeYee fan locked it up.

Sexxy Red’s music isn’t the only thing raw and unrefined. The mother-of-one came under fire for the names of some of her products from her lipgloss brand.

Nut, Gonorrhea, Yellow Discharge, Pussy Hole Pink, Booty-Hole Brown, and Coochie Juice are certainly freakish names for lipgloss.

But she swears they smell good, and cashing in!

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