Gizelle Bryant Faces Backlash for Using Gay Slur on Podcast

by Xara Aziz
YouTube via BRAVO

Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant is under fire for homophobic remarks she made during a recent episode of her podcast.

On Monday, Bryant was engaged in a conversation with co-host Robyn Dixon about the infamous Jussie Smollet hate crime hoax that rocked the nation back in 2019. Fox Nation had just aired a documentary about the incident and she had some choice words.  

“What he did was, in case you guys don’t remember, was he staged a hate crime,” Bryant explained on her Reasonably Shady podcast. “So they were supposed to put a noose around his neck, they were supposed to call him ‘f—got’ or something … gay empire boy or something.”

Her slur took Dixon, another RHOP reality star, by surprise, leaving her to let out a long sigh.

To backtrack on her comments, Bryant added that “they were supposed to scream that. These were the words that Jussie gave the trainers to do.”

The five-episode documentary explores the alleged attack in which the Empire star accused two men of psychically assaulting him while yelling racial and gay slurs.

A month later, investigators found that the 40-year-old had paid the men, who are Black brothers, to stage the assault. He was later found guilty of five counts of felony disorderly conduct for filing fake police reports.

Some fans understood Bryant’s remarks and didn’t take them out of context, but others were outraged that she would choose to make the slurs on her podcast.

“What a disgusting woman,” one person wrote in the comments where the video was uploaded.

“Not her pretending to hesitate saying that word when you know she probably says it on a regular basis,” another wrote. “A true actress.”

Bryant has yet to respond to the controversy.

The news comes just months after the 52-year-old shared a “painful” experience during a recent trip to her doctor’s office that completely “caught [her] off guard.”

In the BRAVO TV franchise’s episode that aired earlier this year, Bryant opened up to Dixon (and the world) about having her fibroids biopsied.

“My doctors have been monitoring me for about three years, and my uterus fibroids are so huge that they can’t just remove the fibroids,” Bryant said. “They’ve got to also remove my uterus, which is just like a full-blown hysterectomy.”

The mother of three said that she “broke out in a sweat” thinking about all the complications that could happen during the operation.

“The act of doing it is terrifying,” she said. “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to walk around, you know, what’s sex [going to] be like? I mean, I don’t know, but there’s no way around it.”

She added that she had to console and comfort herself, knowing that the procedure was something she would have to undergo alone.

“I was holding my own hands. I was consoling myself.”

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