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Vanessa White, aka OlanikeeOsi, CEO of brand Goddess Detox donated $1500 to help three mothers who sadly lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

White posted the video to her social media, asking affected mothers to enter the competition to win a share of the money.

“During this time, through my company, I want to offer three mothers $500. During this time of coronavirus, a lot of our service industry workers have been fired or laid off and so there’s actually no job for them to get back to,” she said, speaking directly to the camera.

“And so in order to help mothers put food on the table, I want to select three mothers to win $500 by this Sunday.”

The competition was a success, and White followed up the video with a post, including the names of the winners.

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Goddess Detox specializes in holistic medicine for women. During an article published to Sheen Magazine last year March, she explained why her products are a must buy.

“Within many indigenous cultures (the way of life before colonialism), many women used herbs to treat their vaginal and womb (uterus) ailments. Herbal teas were also brewed for menstrual cramps, and after giving birth, many times, the new mother would sit over a pot of steaming herbs to help cleanse and aid in the after-birth process. Different parts of plants were also inserted vaginally to treat what we commonly known as yeast infections,” White explained.

She continued, “Goddess Detox is a company providing self-love inspired herbal products for women who want to be fully healed โ€“ physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You may have heard, herbs are for the healing of the nations โ€” Don’t take this lightly.”