Kehlani Claps Back At Rumors Of Ab Surgery For Her Ripped Physique

by Grace Somes
Kehlani || Image credit: @kehlani

Kehlani has responded to claims on social media that she has surgically enhanced her abs to achieve an extra-fit look.

After dropping a series of photos on Instagram showing off her toned physique, the singer had the internet in a frenzy.

Kehlani, whose pronouns are she/they, shared their washboard abs in a show-stopping jeweled denim ensemble for behind-the-scenes photos of her new song.

In another photo, their two-piece SEKS ensemble featured a tight bandeau top that showed off her glistening inked torso.

Although many fans praised her incredible transformation and hard work, many needed clarification about her midriff’s new look.

One wrote, “Her & Teyana have been in the gym together!! They look df good!

“Is Victoria’s man training her because the abs are on point?!” another praised.

“She has been in the gym but on the table, too,” someone chipped in.

Another countered, “That ain’t surgery, baby. That’s consistency. And she wears it so well.”

Kehlani saw everything and took to Instagram to respond to critics by reminding people she has been working for the past two years to achieve her body goals.

She reposted a screenshot of a blog post about her new abs, where many body-shamed them in the comments.

“I always wanted to work out so hard that all the comments in a blog post are accusations of surgery,” Kehlani started.

She continued, “I spoke about having breast implant illness YEARS ago and have never and WILL never be getting a fucking cosmetic surgery ever again in my entire life. Ever. I worked for this.”

Kehlani then shared a real-time video of their stomach, denying claims of “ab surgery.”

In the clip, she laid flat on their backs, her shirt raised to expose her chiseled mid-section.

“Ab etching is absolutely insane when I have posted in the gym every day for the past TWO YEARS and in the last few months with an entire weighted vest on,” they wrote in the comments.

She also reminded everyone that she already has an umbilical hernia, which makes abdominal surgery impossible.

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