Latto Drops Dating Hint? Fans Spot 21 Savage Lookalike In Rapper’s Sim Husband

by Grace Somes
Latto and 21 Savage || Image credit: @latto @21savage

Given the similarities between Latto’s The Sims 4 persona and the two rappers, fans believe she is making a hint about dating 21 Savage.

Latto has had to cope with numerous rumors concerning her professional life, particularly her romantic relationships. The most persistent rumor about her now is whether or not she is actually seeing 21 Savage.

Over the weekend, Latto teased her fans about her mystery man’s continued infatuation with her with photos from a private jet. 

Now, they’re using another one of her posts as a visual hint of who her man could be, and 21 Savage is the leading contender.

On Sunday (May 12), Latto hopped on her Instagram Story and shared an image of her characters on The Sims 4. In the photo, which can be seen below, the Atlanta rhymer revealed that her female Sims character, who slightly resembles Latto, had a bun in the oven.

The 25-year-old artist also shared another picture of two different Sims characters in what seems to be a miniature pool. Except this time, Latto included a made-up male character who has short dreadlocks and tattoos. Big Latto then announced that her video game characters were new parents.

“They having a home birth,” Latto wrote for context on the image.

Fans rapidly assumed things about Latto’s Sims characters on X, the former name of Twitter, after seeing her Instagram story. On social media, some people speculated that Latto was trying to let them know in private that she was seeing 21 Savage.

There have been rumors about the 21 for a very long time. Some individuals even think they have identical tattoos that spell out each other’s names. 

The reality star’s viral TikTok audio “Thank you to my man” was created when her DJ began playing Young Nudy and Savage’s “Peaches & Eggplants” collab at the same time she said it.

Some believe this was Latto’s playful way of subtly calling out the “Cash In, Cash Out.”

However, they have never actually been spotted together.

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