Michelle Obama Throws Shade At Donald Trump, Claims Indicted Black Man Could Never Run For Office: “Others Can, Black Men Can’t”

by Grace Somes
Michelle Obama, Barack Obama and Donald Trump || Image credit: @michelleobama @barackobama @therealdonaldtrump

The former first lady has mastered the subtle art of shade as she shares her views on ‘white privileges’ that black men do not get to enjoy in society, especially if they are running for political office.

Michelle Obama took to Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose, to address the racial inequality in the selection and execution of any executive, legislative, or judicial office while cleverly referring to Trump’s run-ins with the law

“Things are different for people in life. That I’ve learned. Other people can. Other people can be indicted a bunch of times and still run for office. Black men can’t.”

In 2023, Donald Trump was charged in four separate criminal cases related to his business and political activities from 2017 to 2021, making him the first former US president in history to face criminal charges.

Donald Trump is still the frontrunner for the Republican party to challenge Joe Biden for the White House in November 2024 despite his disqualification from running as a presidential candidate in two states, Colorado and Maine.

The Colorado Supreme Court declared Mr Trump ineligible to run for presidency over his role in the January 6, 2021, assault on the United States Capitol by his supporters.

Michelle Obama’s comments make no mention of Trump. But the message is clear if you watch and listen to the video carefully.

Additionally, the Harvard-educated lawyer pointed out how black men had to always be on good behavior and how that builds their character.

“You just learn to be good. And in the end, you benefit from that extra resilience,” Michelle Obama added.

The former First Lady of the United States also expressed deep fear about the upcoming 2024 election to the podcaster. 

She stated that the possibility of who will hold “that bully pulpit”, haunts her sleep.

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