Mom Spends $16K On Prom Because She ‘Wanted To Give Her Daughter The Prom She Never Had’

by Grace Somes
Marisela Torres : Image credit: @tamronhallshow

Devoted mother Marisela Torres lavished an incredible $16,625 on her daughter’s prom night in an endearing and extravagant show of motherly love. However, the lavish spending, which included $4,900 shoes, has sparked a mix of admiration and criticism from the public.

Marisela’s grandiose gesture was motivated by her own lost prom night experience. She related her story in an emotional interview on the Tamron Hall Show. Marisela Torres explained why she wanted to give her daughter the prom she had never had. 

“As you mentioned, prom is really big in Philidelphia. But I didn’t get to go to my prom, and I’m the only one out of four who didn’t. And I know that that was something my mom really, really wanted,” she continued. “So, I just told myself that I wanted to give my daughter a big prom.”

“She initially came to me saying that she was going to go to someone else’s prom, and I already had some ideas. So I was like, ‘We can’t do that. I don’t want to outshine anyone.’ ‘ So we kind of talked her into going to her own prom.”

The exquisite prom dress with many small details cost $1,300. The lavish pair of Jimmy Choos added some glitz to her look and cost a substantial $4,900. 

Torres spent $3,900 on the sendoff party, which included food, music, and decorations. 

To ensure her daughter looked her best, Torres paid $175 for a hairstylist and $750 for photographers and videographers to record every moment of this memorable evening so that baby girl would have lovely memories to look back on.

The proud mom also rented an opulent car for $4,000, showing that no transportation expense was spared. The night ended with a $1,000 stay at the Four Seasons hotel to get ready for the main event.

The astounding $16,625 total took care of every little thing to make the young lady feel like a princess on her special night. 

But opinions on Marisela’s kindness haven’t been unanimous. Some questioned the need and wisdom of such a lavish expenditure. In contrast, others praised her devotion to her daughter and her willingness to sacrifice.

Many critics who voiced their concerns on social media suggested that the money would have been better off being used for long-term investments in Jasmine’s future.

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