New Miss USA Savannah Gankiewicz Reveals Death Threats After Her Crowning: ‘It Breaks My Heart’

by Gee NY
Savannah Gankiewicz. Image Credit: AP

Miss USA Savannah Gankiewicz has bravely spoken out about the barrage of death threats and hateful messages she’s endured since being crowned, following the shocking resignation of her predecessor, Noelia Voigt.

Gankiewicz, 28, shared her heartfelt sentiments in a poignant speech, expressing how the bullying and harassment have deeply affected her.

In an emotional video shared on X, Gankiewicz tearfully addressed the backlash she’s faced, stating:

“Since I’ve gotten this title, I’ve dealt with a lot of bullying and harassment, and it really does, it breaks my heart.”

Despite her distress, she remained resilient, emphasizing the importance of using her platform to advocate for others and inspire young women to stand up against adversity.

Gankiewicz assumed the role of Miss USA 2023 after Voigt’s sudden resignation, citing mental health concerns. However, Voigt’s departure was marred by allegations against the pageant’s CEO, Laylah Rose, of fostering a toxic work environment and mishandling a sexual harassment incident.

In her resignation letter, Voigt accused Rose of poor management, lack of communication, and failure to address harassment issues within the organization.

Rose responded by affirming her commitment to the well-being of all involved with Miss USA and vowed to take the allegations seriously.

The fallout from Voigt’s resignation extended beyond her departure, as Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava and Miss USA’s social media manager Claudia Michelle also stepped down.

Despite the turmoil, Gankiewicz expressed solidarity with her predecessors, asserting that accepting the crown was the right decision for her community and state.

As Gankiewicz continues her reign until August, when a new Miss USA will be crowned, she remains steadfast in her commitment to advocacy and resilience in the face of adversity.

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