Mo’Nique Provides Her Own Receipts Amid D.L. Hughley Feud: ‘If You Notice Mine Has Signatures’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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After D.L. Hughley posted a copy of his headliner contract amid his dispute with comedian Mo’Nique, the award-winning actress took to Instagram to post her own receipts– stating a noticeable difference between her paperwork and Hughley’s.

“There were some of you who were fooled by the smoke and mirrors of D.L. posting his Deal Memo” versus his “Performance Agreement. “Here is my Performance Agreement and here are emails and texts confirming that as per usual I’m going to always keep it real and honest with my people. If you notice mine has signatures and D.L. does not,” she wrote in the caption of the post, which included her performance agreement.

Hughley and Mo’Nique were both slated to perform at The Comedy Explosion at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan. However, on stage, Mo’Nique told the audience that she was the headliner. However, Hughley maintains that he was the show’s headliner and called Mo’Nique out both on social media and on his show.

“Now I know what Tyler Perry knows, I know what Lee Daniels knows, I know what Oprah knows, I know what Steve Harvey knows, I know what Charlamagne Tha God knows, I know what Netflix knows. Saying yes to Mo’Nique is an occupational hazard,” said Hughley.

On stage, Mo-Nique ripped Hughley, taking a swipe at his sexual identity and alluding to him mocking her in a previous show.

“What kind of real n—- would ever attack a got-damned Black woman?” she said. “N—-, your name is D.L. What the f— does it stand for? How far are you bending over n—-? On the DL.” Mo’Nique added, “How do you [give oral sex to] a coward?”

Both Mo’Nique and Hughley both brought receipts to the table. However, the industry is small and we’re hoping they manage to squash this beef sooner than later.

And Hughley did provide his signed contracts:

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