NeNe Leakes Sued By Boyfriend’s Ex-wife; Claims She Ruined Her Marriage

by Shine My Crown Staff

NeNe Leakes is reportedly being dragged into court by the ex-wife of her current boyfriend, Nyonisela Sioh.

According to TMZ, Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh says her ex entered into a relationship with NeNe while they were still married.

Tehmeh-Sioh says after NeNe went public with her new beau on social media, she suffered emotional distress, mental anguish and a loss of affection

In North Carolina, a person can sue a spouse’s extramarital partner for alienation of affection. She is hoping to receive an award of up to $100,000. Only seven states in the U.S. allow such lawsuits.

NeNe has been in and out of court a lot these days after having filed a racial discrimination suit against Bravo.

In her lawsuit, NeNe accused them of racism and of fostering a hostile working environment.

“NBC, Bravo and True foster a corporate and workplace culture in which racially-insensitive and inappropriate behavior is tolerated — if not, encouraged,” the filing reads per THR.

NeNe’s assertions go all the way back to 2008.

“As the Black Lives Matter movement swept our nation, Mrs. Leakes — Bravo’s historically most successful Black female talent — should have been embraced by NBC, Bravo, and True,” the complaint reads in part. “Instead, NBC, Bravo, and True forced her out of the ‘house she built,’ denying her a regular role.”

NeNe also claimed she had been blacklisted by the network

“I’ve been blacklisted,” the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star said. “If you haven’t worked in more than three years when all of a sudden you’re working and sought-after, then suddenly you’re not working, it’s being blacklisted. I haven’t caused any problems on any sets. Everybody I’ve ever worked with, I’ve had a good work relationship with except for this group of people.”

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