‘RHOA’s NeNe Leakes: ‘I Felt Like Bravo Hated Me’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes left Bravo amidst a swirl of rumors and negative vibes.

Over the years, NeNe and Bravo appeared to have a close relationship. Reports of the network handing over record-breaking checks flooded the internet. It seemed every time NeNe took a break from the show — the ratings took a nosedive.

But following her recent exit, NeNe called out the network for racial discrimination, alleging they placed a lesser value on her than her white counterparts. It was reported that NeNe even hired an attorney to fight Bravo in court. This was later denied by the reality television star.

The Jasmine Brand nabbed another exclusive from NeNe — who told them that she felt Bravo “hated” her.

“I felt like at some point, you know, I loved [Bravo] like they were a family, obviously, if you work for a company that long. And I felt like – I’m not sure where, but I felt like they hated me,” she told the entertainment outlet.

“That’s a strong word but obviously when I look back over all of the things that were happening to me behind the scenes, they hated me. That’s just what it was. I felt like I was just there to be a workhorse. They were using me to build the network, to build the show, and at the same time they were doing things behind closed doors to me that was just really unethical,” she continued.

NeNe says that Bravo did not act alone. It seems one of two of the Housewives may have had a hand in her exit.

“[Bravo] had help in doing what they did. There were a couple of girls on the show who – I don’t know if you remember Gabrielle Union speaking out when she had an issue [on America’s Got Talent] and there was one particular guy that, you know, She called like the house [snitch]?” She says.

“There are two girls in particular in our cast that are like the house [snitch], you know, back in the day they called them house whatever… I’m going to call them a house snitch. They appeared on the show as one thing and actually behind the scenes, they were a whole mole.”

She did not name names.

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