Sankofa Community Development Corporation: Black-Led Organization Helping To Build Stronger Black Communities

by Gee NY
Founder of Sankofa CDC, Rashida Ferdinand

The Sankofa Community Development Corporation or Sankofa CDC has for many years championed a vision to build stronger communities for generations through nature conservation, food assistance, economic development and more.

The organization, for instance, firmly believes that individual well-being not only enhances relationships but fortifies families and weaves tighter bonds within communities, fostering safety, stability, and overall vitality.

Recognizing the profound influence of the built environment on health, Sankofa CDC collaborates with traditional community development organizations and non-profits to address the “social determinants of health” that often underlie systemic inequities.

By tackling these issues, the organization aims to pave the way for enhanced safety nets, greater stability, and improved overall community viability.

Recently, Sankofa CDC was celebrated among Blavity’s 10 Black-Led Community Service Organisations Making A Real Difference.

Sankofa CDC (@sankofanola504 on IG) is a non-profit founded by Rashida Ferdinand in 2008, with the support of Lower Ninth Ward residents and stakeholders.

At the core of Sankofa CDC’s mission is the aspiration to create a local environment that actively fosters positive health outcomes, ensuring the well-being of present and future generations.

Through strategic partnerships and community-driven initiatives, the organization seeks to lay the foundation for healthier communities that endure over time.

Rashida Ferdinand is Founder of Sankofa CDC

Adhering to the fundamental principles of community development, Sankofa CDC firmly believes that genuine transformation arises from within the community itself.

Rather than imposing solutions, the organization actively collaborates with residents and various stakeholders. Together, they identify locally felt social challenges and work towards addressing them in thoughtful, culturally competent ways.

The emphasis on community engagement and culturally sensitive approaches distinguishes Sankofa CDC’s initiatives.

By involving residents in the decision-making process, the organization ensures that interventions align with the unique needs and values of the community. This collaborative approach empowers community members and strengthens the fabric of social bonds.

Last year, amid Southeastern Louisiana’s natural disaster threats, Sankofa CDC stepped in to address the situation through education and land restoration.

Sankofa built a children’s educational program based in the Wetland Park and Nature Trail, located in New Orleans, LA. Originally, the park was used primarily as an illegal dumping site before being rehabilitated in 2014.

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