‘She Can’t Rap, Period!’ – TikTok Star Goes Viral Dissing Megan Thee Stallion

by Grace Somes
Ekane and Megan Thee Stallion || Image credit: @theyhateekane @theestallion

TikTok influencer Ekane drew the internet’s ire over the weekend after saying that Megan Thee Stallion cannot rap.

A fresh controversy has surfaced in the ever-dramatic realm of hip-hop and social media, and Megan Thee Stallion is the target this time. A TikTok celebrity went viral with a brazen diss, declaring that the Grammy-winning rapper can’t rap to save her life.

The controversial Ekane decided to blast Megan after reviewing the Houston rapper’s latest single, BOA.

“Oh my gosh, FFF, pussy, pussy, pussy, is there anything else you can yab about, honey? Can we get some metaphors? The first bar’s your a*, dam!” Ekane went off in the now viral TikTok video.

“‘All of a sudden, they went vegan. They don’t want beef.’ Do you know how Nicki would have flipped that?” she continued. “They went vegan. They don’t want beef, that’s it? That’s all you could have come up with, sister?”

The well-known, outspoken internet personality started to berate Megan Thee Stallion while singing her favorite, Nicki Mina’s, praises.

“Nicki would have said something about a cow, flipped it, and said something about eating ribs. She would have tripled on top of it to say she was eating noodles or something like that.”

Soon after the clip blew up on the internet, the hotties burned their way into her comment section with some fiery verbal punches of their own.

“I can’t take Ekane seriously after that minor situation, and she was proud of it,” a fan pointed out.

Another said, “She wants Nicki to pick her so bad it’s ridiculous.”

“Hope that btch gets her head knocked between the washer and dryer by her baby daddy again. That’s why she’s always on live crying with her pssy dirty a$$,” another fan added.

Despite the lava flowing her way, Ekane would not retract her words. In fact, she dared anyone to come up against her.

“She just cannot rap. And I said what I said. So what are y’all going to do now?

“I grew up on Nicki Minaj. I grew up with her. Bars off the chart. Like I said in the video. I said what I said. Am I supposed to be scared?”

Megan Thee Stallion has not yet addressed the widely shared video.

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