Solange, Saint Heron and Crown Royal Join Forces to Launch New State-of-the-Art Luxury Whisky Collection

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @solangeknowles

Internationally-renowned performing artist Solange Knowles has just announced she is patterning with Crown Royal in conjunction with her multidisciplinary creative group Saint Heron to debut the whisky brand’s latest offering: Crown Royal Golden Apple Aged 23 Years. According to a recent PR Newswire press release, the most recent alcoholic beverage will provide a state-of-the-art flavored luxury drink that will change the way “consumers think about prestige whisky.”

In the coming months, Crown Royal and Solange will host a series of events that sets the stage for their distinctive synergies by joining forces to imbue each of their creative visions. The first event, scheduled for June 8, will take place in New York with the official launch of Saint Heron’s inaugural collection of hand-blown glassware at a reception and screening of “A House is not a Home.”

The event will capture conversations about the vibrational frequency of objects and the spirits that live within them. Crown Royal Golden Apple will be served from the glassware as patrons learn more about the brand partnership in addition to absorbing information about both the Crown Royal brand and Saint Heron.

“Crown Royal represents the same values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation that we create at Saint Heron. I admire their legacy of creating and influencing cultural iconography, as it is something that is always at the forefront of my creative process,” creative director of Saint Heron Solange Knowles said in the press release. “Together, we are creating something truly unique and unexpected, that embodies the creative spirit of Saint Heron to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

The debut will also be buttressed with a co-branded Crown Royal “Golden Apple x Solange Knowles” event where connoisseurs will be invited to experience the complexities of the pioneering and inventive beverage. The event is invite-only and will take guests on a journey of luxury and opulence in a divine confluence of music, art, food and culture.

“This disruptive new liquid offering is a result of a shared commitment to innovation and creativity that speaks to our fans that have been patiently waiting for an evolution of Regal Apple,” Hadley Schafer, Director of Crown Royal Whisky said in the press release. “Launching a partnership with an artist like Solange Knowles brings the expertise of a leading whisky brand and the fresh perspective and vision of a creative trailblazer who routinely pushes artistic boundaries together in such an authentic manner. We are excited to continue creating tasteful, groundbreaking experiences following this launch.”

Crown Royal’s collaboration with Solange and Saint Heron is slated to last until 2024 and will combine the rich history of the whisky brand with the smooth and effortless style of Solange and her everlasting permanence in culture.

Learn more about Crown Royal Golden Apple HERE and explore more about Saint Heron HERE.

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