STEM Toy Brand Created By 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Ava N. Simmons Launches In Whole Foods Stores

by Gee NY

Team Genius Squad, a toy brand created by an 11-year-old, has announced an upcoming launch of its new product that provides engaging S.T.E.M learning opportunities for young minds.

The 11-year-old entrepreneur and author Ava. N. Simmons specializes in American-made toys focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Her company announced that its new line, the Alternative Energy Experiment Kit, would soon be found in Whole Foods Market stores.

Ava N. Simmons, also known as “Ava the S.T.E.M. Princess®” and “Ava the S.T.E.M. Ambassador™,” is not only the creator of Team Genius Squad but also a youth entrepreneurial genius in her own right.

Diagnosed with Dyslexia in 2021, Ava embraces her learning differences and views them as a unique superpower that fuels her certification as a genius.

Her brand, Team Genius Squad, donates its profits to fund S.T.E.M. activities for children in the community and supports Ava’s academic learning journey.

The upcoming collaboration with Whole Foods Market is seen as a dream come true for Ava and her team. With her innovative S.T.E.M. toy line now accessible in Whole Foods Market stores, she would be expanding her brand’s reach to families across the nation.

Ava’s journey, highlighted by her three books, serves as an inspiration for children to believe in themselves, focus on their strengths, and overcome challenges.

Casey Gaston, Executive Leader of Local and Emerging Brands for Whole Foods Market, expressed excitement about joining forces with Ava and Team Genius Squad.

The collaboration aims to offer enriching products that inspire learning, curiosity, and exploration. Team Genius Squad’s S.T.E.M. toys cater to all learning styles, emphasizing simplicity yet significant impact.

The Alternative Energy series that is set to launch in Whole Foos demonstrates how easily electricity can be generated from sustainable resources such as fruits, wind, or the sun.

Ava’s grandmother, Mary Lee Foy, who played a pivotal role in encouraging Ava’s S.T.E.M. entrepreneurial journey, expressed gratitude for witnessing her granddaughter positively impacting the world.

Ava’s parents, Terrence and Tita Simmons, also conveyed pride in Ava’s efforts to encourage others through her learning journey.

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