Sukihana Accused Of Concealing Daughter From Man Claiming To Be The Real Father!

by Grace Somes
Sukihana and Gwapstarr || Image credit: @sukihanatrill @zeus @gwapstarr

Upcoming artist Gwapstarr backed the allegations with video receipts.

Sukihana has long claimed that rapper Kill Bill is the father of all her children. But Gwapstarr has come forward claiming that he fathered at least one of the kids.

According to the aspiring rapper, who chose to fight for his alleged daughter on social media instead of the law, Sukihana has intentionally kept his daughter away from him.

Gwapstarr sat down with Tasha K on her podcast, detailing how the reality TV star went as far as removing every evidence of the child from all social media so that there would be no contact between father and daughter.

In the clip, he shared a video of the child calling him in a secret phone conversation, pointing out that his daughter contacted him after searching for him on social media.

Before playing the “secret phone call”, Gwapstarr revealed that the little girl called him while hiding in the closet. He added that his alleged daughter begged him to come and get her because she misses him.

In the video he provided to back his claims that was played on the podcast, he asked the child why she was hiding to talk, and the baby responded, “I think she gonna whoop me.”

Please note that the child’s identity cannot be confirmed since her face was blurred out to protect her.

Gwapstarr also alleged that Sukihana abandoned their kids for three years.

“It’s so heartbreaking. I mean, so heartbreaking. And I held this for a while. And I was trying to resolve this another way. Through the courts or just with me and baby mum,” he said.

He added that Sukihana allegedly began to hide his kid after she regained custody of her children after not having seen them for years.

Sukihana is yet to comment on the custody controversy! Phew!

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