Tessica Brown Suffers Miscarriage: ‘It Has Been Very Hard’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Tessica Brown revealed she suffered a miscarriage during the third month of her pregnancy.

The rising hair care entrepreneur spoke to TMZ about the tragic loss. Brown was rushed to the hospital last month after being unable to sleep due to terrible pain in her stomach. She says that emergency room medics tried listening for a heartbeat for 10 minutes, but an ultrasound soon confirmed that she had, indeed, miscarried.

Brown announced that she was expecting another child with her fiancé, Dewitt Madison, once her “Gorilla Glue” nightmare had ended. She has five children from a previous relationship and Madison has four children of his own. The couple says they are focusing on healing and have no plans to get pregnant in the near future.

Brown made earlier this year headlines when she uploaded a video to her social media, which showed her using industrial strength Gorilla Glue in her hair as a replacement to her regular hair spray.

Since then, Brown has found herself at the center of jokes and memes online — but amidst the controversy, she informed people that she is not the “Gorilla Glue girl,” she is a mother with feelings.

Last week, she announced that she is launching a line of three products — hairspray, edge control, and hair growth drops — under the name “Forever Hair,” inspired by her experience.

Brown worked with specialists to create a line that would provide sufficient hold as well as tackle hair loss. “I needed this oil to heal my scalp, grow my hair back, stimulate my hair follicles, and on top of all that, I needed it to be all-natural,” she said of the Growth Stimulating Oil.

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