‘They Playin’ Dirty!’ Sexyy Red Claims Bigwigs Are Fuelling Tour Cancellation Rumours

by Grace Somes
Sexyy Red || Image credit: @sexyyred

Don’t Believe the hype! Sexyy Red’s  ‘Sexyy Red 4 President Tour is still coming on despite rumors about low sales!

Sexyy Red is setting the record straight after several internet sites recently announced that her tour was on the verge of cancellation due to low ticket sales, claiming only 37.11% of the tickets had been sold.

Sexyy Red sent her fans into a frenzy in late June when she announced she was embarking on the ‘Sexyy Red 4 President Tour,’ a state that was undoubtedly fueled by her electrifying live performance at the 2024 BET Awards.

The St. Louis native announced the dates and ticket information a few weeks ago, and this is her second headlining tour. She will be joined by opening acts Hunxho, Loe Shimmy, and BlakeIANA, with a mystery guest set to appear in select cities, adding an element of surprise and anticipation.

However, reports indicate that her presidential campaign is facing significant financial challenges. According to The Art Of Dialogue and Touring Data, their gathered sales figures are quite shockingly low, given Red’s status.

Tired of the fuss, Sexyy took to social media to flatly deny the rumors.

Sexyy Red took to Twitter to address the rumors, saying, “My fans are buying tickets.  We’re doing just fine.  We are not canceling any tour, dis canceling sh-t all cap,” making it clear that the tour is still on.

She also claimed that larger companies are attempting to sabotage her efforts because she selected an independent promoter to work with.

Sexyy Red continued, “Dis how Dey tries to do u when u go wit an independent promoter n the bigger companies try to sabotage u we not canceling s**t. I did my touring deal with a black promoter, black-owned company, AG Entertainment, and now Dey playin’ dirty paying pages spreading fake news to discourage my fans from buying tickets.”

Whether Sexyy Red reveals who is responsible for the rumored sabotage remains to be seen. However, this controversy has only fueled excitement for her upcoming tour.

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