VIDEO: Cardi B Hurls Microphone at Fan While Performing in Las Vegas

by Xara Aziz
Twitter @bennyjohnson

Cardi B was number one trending on Twitter Sunday morning after she threw a microphone at a fan after having a drink thrown at her while performing in Las Vegas.

In video that surfaced moments after the incident, the Bronx native is seen performing Bodak Yellow in a chiffon orange dress when it appears a drink is thrown her way. Notable shocked, she retaliates by throwing the microphone into the crowd. Security is then seen flanking around the fan and escorting the person out of the venue.

The 30-year-old mother of two retweeted a clip of the incident and tweeted: “Jealous A** B*tch!” It appears the tweet was in reference to her husband’s Offset’s new song Jealousy, in which she makes an appearance.

The news comes just days after another fan upset a female rapper while performing on stage. On July 22, Latto identified that something was thrown at her while performing at Rolling Loud in Miami. She then proceeded to make eye contact with the person who threw the object mouthing that she would “beat their a**.”

In a video that has since gone viral, a fan threw an unidentified object at the star. But rather than stop her performance of the party anthem, Muwop, she just continued to rap but mouthed the words “I will beat you’re a**” to a fan recording in the crowd.

Fans throwing objects at celebrities while they perform is nothing new. In many instances, performers will stop the show, including the one time Rihanna stopped midway through her performance to inform the crowd that she would leave if people threw anything at her while she sang.

“Don’t throw any sh*t up here or I’m leaving!” she exclaimed.

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