8-Year-Old Black Girl Who Promised To Buy A House For Her Parents Fulfills The Promise 30 Years Later: “Mom And Dad Were In Tears”

by Shine My Crown Staff
Credit: k.allen.consulting via Instagram; @wsfa12news via Twitter

Young Girl Vowed to One Day Buy House for Her Family

When Krystal Hardy-Allen was just 8 years old in elementary school, she wrote down the goal of one day purchasing a home for her parents. Three decades later at age 38, the ambitious Selma, Alabama resident has shockingly made that childhood dream a reality.

“Back in the 3rd grade I wrote it down in an assignment in class that one of the things I wanted to do when I got big and grew up was buy my parents a home,” recounted Hardy-Allen.

The successful businesswoman and author secretly bought her parents a stunning two-story historic property in downtown Selma in late 2022 as a Christmas gift.

Parents Left Speechless by Surprise Two-Story Home

Hardy-Allen had hired her own father, a contractor, to renovate the 4-bedroom home over the past year under the pretense she would flip or rent it out.

“When we first started working on the house — we was asking her man, why you buy this big house to start off with for your very first rental property,” said her brother Arthur Hardy III.

On Christmas Eve, she surprised her parents with the news and keys during a fake open house. The couple burst into happy tears, overjoyed to become first-time homeowners mortgage-free thanks to their daughter’s incredible gift made possible by years of saving.

Couple “Waiting for People to Come View House” Not Knowing It Was Theirs

Denise Hardy recalled thinking strangers would soon tour her stunning new two-story abode, unaware her ambitious daughter had been secretly fixing it up just for her and her husband.

”I said somebody’s going to have a good Christmas, Because we was waiting to the people come and view the house not knowing all the time that we were the people,” said Denise.

The shocking surprise left both parents overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude, never imagining Krystal’s childhood aspiration note would manifest into their dream home 30 years later.

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