Asia Thomas Breaks Barriers As First Black Woman To Own A Subway Franchise in Duluth, Georgia

by Gee NY

In Duluth, Georgia, Asia Thomas has made history as the proud owner and operator of the first Subway franchise owned by a Black woman in the area.

Thomas, a driven entrepreneur and single mother of three, boasts an impressive educational background, having graduated from Clark Atlanta University and earned her MBA from Florida International University.

For years, she navigated the corporate world until the pandemic disrupted her routine, prompting her to explore alternative means of providing for her family.

It was during this time of reflection and adaptation that Thomas encountered an opportunity that would change her life.

Encouraged by a fellow Black woman working at Subway headquarters, Thomas took the bold step of applying to become a franchise owner. What followed seemed serendipitous, as Thomas found herself on the path to franchise ownership.

Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, Thomas diligently saved and prepared for her new venture. Fate intervened once again when she stumbled upon an existing Subway franchise seeking a new proprietor due to its faltering revenue.

Seizing the opportunity, Thomas made the purchase, confident in her ability to revitalize the business.

True to her vision, Thomas wasted no time in implementing strategic changes.

Despite initially operating the store solo after the previous staff departed, purportedly due to skepticism stemming from her race and age, Thomas swiftly doubled the franchise’s profits within a mere month of assuming ownership.

Now, with her sights set on further expansion, Thomas remains steadfast in her determination to increase profits, acquire additional franchises, and inspire others to follow suit.

“I’m definitely going to buy more,” she affirmed. “I would feel like a quitter if I didn’t buy more.”

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