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A British journalist is waking up to fresh calls for her resignation after she compared Meghan Markle to “trailer trash,” live on air.

Victoria Mather, formerly the Travel Editor of Vanity Fair, was being interviewed by Lindsay Reiser about Markle and husband Prince Harry opting to step away from their royal duties.

“I think what has really, really upset the British public is that Meghan Markle, who many people consider as only, you know, five clicks up from trailer trash, has actually tried to disrespect the queen,” said Mather.

“And the queen is the most respected person, most respected woman, in the world.”

A spokesperson for Condé Nast, the magazine’s parent company, told BuzzFeed News that Mather has not been employed there since 2018.

She also mocked Markle’s reasons for wanting to leave the royal family.

“I don’t think Meghan Markle wanted to spend the rest of her life looking at Kate Middleton’s back as she sat in the second row to the future queen. I don’t think she wanted – she didn’t want to be second best.”

Since her relationship with Prince Harry went public, Markle has been constantly derided by the British press.

Her husband says it’s all reminiscent of the harassment his mother, Princess Diana faced — which ultimately lead to the popular royal’s untimely death. Diana died in a car crash fleeing from the French paparazzi.

Viewers took to social media to express their outrage over Mather’s offensive remarks.

Here are a few reactions from Twitter.