Chris Stokes’ Ex-Wife Monyee Morton Confirms Sexual Assault Allegations – “I Know They Are True”

by Grace Somes
Monyee Morton and Chris Stokes || Image credit: @chrisstokes1969 @monyeemorton

Monyee Morton claims she can corroborate Raz B’s story that her former husband committed the sexual assault allegations attached to his name for all these years.

Many fans wonder if another P Diddy expose is on the verge of happening after Chris Stokes’s ex-wife issued a public statement via Instagram.

The former socialite hashtagged Marques Houston’s name in the reveal that labels her former hubby as a “perpetrator”.

In December 2007, B2K member DeMario “Raz-B” Thornton accused his older cousin, Chris Stokes of sexual abuse.

For years, Raz B was very vocal about the alleged sexual assault he endured as a member of the popular group.

The issue escalated in 2020 when singer Marques Houston was drawn into the allegations and accused of molesting young Raz B.

Raz B had released a video of himself and another former group member, Quindon Traver having an extremely disturbing conversation. The former teen music stars disseminated graphic stories of how Houston and Stokes molested them.

Early January 2021, Raz B once again tried to get justice for himself and other young boys who had allegedly been abused too.

He called out Stokes and Houston on social media and implied he’s being bullied to keep quiet. He then asked both accused to take lie detector tests to prove their innocence.

Last year, after suffering intense bullying from people, including former bandmate, J-Boog, Raz B recanted the rape allegations.

But now, Stokes’s ex-wife Monyee Morton has revived the conversation, fingering her former husband for all his alleged crimes.

“He has faced accusations of sexual acts that I know to be true but parties are unwilling to come forward and confirm them,” she began her confession.

Morton disclosed that it took her a long time to accept the truth and take action. She revealed how her search for healing and peace led her to speak out now.

“I can confirm that he committed these acts, and it begins with acknowledging what I didn’t want to accept – I married a perpetrator of such crimes,” Monyee Morton wrote.

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