Chrisean Rock Receives Apology From Soulja Boy Over Controversial ‘Down Syndrome’ Remarks About Her Son

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock and Soulja Boy || Image credit: @chrisean @souljaboy

During a live stream last week, Soulja Boy called Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s son mean names, including insinuating that the baby had developmental challenges.

Soulja Boy had a change of heart after taking his beef with Blueface a notch higher, claiming his son, Chrisean Jr., has Down syndrome.

The relationship between Soulja Boy and Blueface has been iffy to the point that they’ve not been able to restrain themselves from jabbing each other’s partners on social media.

What started as a rap beef started after the two artists called each other out on their careers and discographies. According to Soulja Boy, Blueface has only one hit song and cannot match his extensive catalog.

Blueface shot the first low when he alleged that he had slept with Soulja Boy’s baby mama. The “Thotiana” hitmaker even suggested that he may be the biological father of the Soulja Boy’s son.

The Mississippi native also responded during an Instagram live, insulting Blueface’s baby mama, Chrisean Rock, and calling their son awful names like “retarded” and “ugly.”

Following the live video, fans bashed him for dragging an innocent baby into their mess. And so he has come out with an apology.

“I just feel like that ain’t in my character. Chrisean, I want to apologize to you. Since your homie was talking crazy about my son, I had to talk crazy about his son. I know he wouldn’t apologize to baby mama for lying and talking crazy, so I would say that I’m sorry that you got caught in the middle of it.

“We should leave that between me and him. I’m gonna be the bigger man because I’m just too viral. I’m too pretty. It’s not an apology. It’s just an understanding,” Soulja Boy said.

Soulja Boy has also threatened to pay inmates to harm the rapper while he was back in jail on a probation violation.

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