Chrystul Kizer: Woman Accused Of Killing Her Suspected Sex Trafficker Faces Additional Charges

by Gee NY

Chrystul Kizer, the Kenosha woman charged in the 2018 death of Randall P. Volar III, is now facing additional charges while awaiting trial for the alleged killing.

Arrest warrants were issued on Monday, Jan 29, charging Kizer with four counts of felony bail jumping in Kenosha County and a single misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct and domestic violence in Milwaukee County.

The new charges reportedly stem from an incident earlier this January in Milwaukee while Kizer was out on a $400,000 bond related to the killing of Volar.

The recent charges originated from an incident on Jan. 7 when Milwaukee police officers responded to a battery complaint at an apartment on the 2400 block of North 17th Street.

Kizer, who was the caller, claimed that a 47-year-old man in the apartment, whom she accused of being a convicted sex offender, had put his hands on her and attempted to rape her.

Upon arrival, officers separated Kizer and the man, and a dispute over cellphone ownership ensued.

Officers examined the phone and discovered multiple messages sent to “Chrystul.” When confronted with the information, Kizer said she “does weird (expletive)” because she was locked up for two years for killing a pedophile, the complaint said.

Kizer threatened to hit the man with a baseball bat, leading to her arrest for disorderly conduct. Subsequently, she was released but later charged by Milwaukee County prosecutors, prompting Kenosha County prosecutors to file bail-jumping charges.

Kizer gained attention in 2018 when she was charged with the first-degree intentional homicide of Volar. Prosecutors allege that she went to Volar’s home on June 5, 2018, shot him in the head, set a fire in his home, and stole his belongings, including a BMW, computer, and cash.

Kizer’s legal team argued that she had suffered years of abuse by Volar, intending to use an affirmative defense based on Wisconsin state law.

Initially set at $1 million, Kizer’s bail was later reduced to $400,000, which various organizations posted.

As part of her release conditions, she was instructed not to commit any other crimes. Kizer, now 23, faces a complex legal battle involving both the charges related to Volar’s death and the recent allegations, with a voluntary appearance hearing scheduled for the coming week.

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