Ciara Shares Precious Moments Of Russell Wilson’s Daddy Duties For Father’s Day

by Grace Somes
Ciara and family || Image credit: @ciara

Ciara’s heartwarming Father’s Day video showcases her husband, NFL star Russell Wilson, in full “daddy duty” mode.

The model and singer shared the precious moments on social media, applauding Wilson’s role as a devoted father and emphasizing his commitment to their kids.

In 2021, the Grammy Award-winning singer openly expressed her deep admiration for Wilson’s fatherhood, sharing her hopes for their children to learn from their loving marriage.

According to Ciara, the thing she loves most about Wilson is his dedication to their family. He says that their children are his “pride and joy.”

The singer said Wilson is dedicated to “every step of the way” for their kids.

“As crazy as his schedule can be, and, of course, my schedule is crazy … he finds a way to make it happen, and he wants to make sure he doesn’t miss anything, even if he’s not physically there,” Ciara said in her interview with ‘Good Morning America.’

The heartwarming video, shared by Ciara today on her social media accounts, offers a glimpse into the blissful home life of the couple and the immense joy Wilson finds in his role as a father.

The clip, made up of photos and video memories, shows Wilson in a series of endearing activities with their kids, showcasing his playful and nurturing side.

From feeding the baby to teaching Future at his games, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback exudes warmth and tenderness, making it clear that he’s not just a superstar athlete but also a super dad.

Ciara and Russell Wilson, who have been married since 2016, are parents to three children: Future Zahir, whom Ciara shares with her ex-fiancé Future, and their two kids together, Sienna Princess and Win Harrison. The video showcases moments with all three children, highlighting the fun and joy that Wilson brings into their lives.

Ciara’s post went viral quickly, winning over admirers and followers enthralled with the endearing family moments!

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