Fans Call Out Torrei Hart’s ‘Shady’ Video About Tiffany Haddish’s Music To Promote Her Music

by Grace Somes
Torrei Hart and Tiffany Haddish || Image credit: @torreihart @tiffanyhaddish

Torrei Hart has become the target of a social media storm after sharing a video that some have deemed “shady” towards fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish. Fans are upset that Hart appears to be using Haddish’s song to further his own musical endeavors in the contentious video.

Comedian-turned-artist Tiffany Haddish just released her new sister girl anthem, “Woman Up,” which is garnering mixed reviews from fans and critics alike on the internet.
But the “Girls Trip” actress also got some help, albeit from a very unexpected someone.

When it comes to Haddish’s music, the ex-wife of her close friend Kevin Hart is out early, urging people to “stop the hate train.”
Torrei Hart posted a humorous commentary on the new song on social media, saying, “Mind your business.”

“A lot of y’all is going in on this song, ‘Woman Up by’ Tiffany, but let me tell you something,” she continued. “This song is motivational and got me out of bed this morning. So mind your business.”

“And I know it sounds like it’s from the early 2000s or whatever, but so what! It’s going to crossover. It’s going to be a hit. Watch! Mark my words, it is going to be a hit,” Hart added.

Then Torrei claimed that Haddish “inspired” her to tell her fans about her music, telling them to stream “Treasure,” which features Childsplay KiDD, “Lit,” and “Girl You Knew,” which was released on March 15.

Nevertheless, the online community was quick to point out that Torrei was leveraging Tiffany’s fame to boost her own music career.

Fans quickly reacted to The Shade Room’s repost of her video, accusing the “Dark Matters” tour opener of capitalizing on Haddish’s A-list reputation to make her music more well-known.

“She done uplift her, downplay her and hop on her train in one sitting 😂,” one fan chipped in.

Another fan pointed out, “Torrie Hart is IRRELEVANT and would continue to be irrelevant if she didn’t use @kevinhart4real’s last name.”

Torrei Hart has previously been charged with attempting to take advantage of someone more successful or well-known than she is—specifically, her ex-husband.

But the Philadelphia native says her ex owes her his entire career because she inspired and helped him create a lot of his early work.

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