‘Flavor Of Love’ Star Deelishis Embraces Weight Loss Journey Amid Speculation: ‘Yes I’m Smaller So Yes These Boobs Look Huge’

by Gee NY

Chandra Davis, famously known as Deelishis from ‘Flavor of Love,’ has addressed recent speculation surrounding her noticeable weight loss in a candid Instagram post.

The reality TV star sparked conversation earlier this week when she shared a lively video on her Instagram.

The clip captures Deelishis in a green bralette and animal-print leggings, dancing energetically to the beat of Kehlani’s latest track, ‘After Hours.’

Accompanying her spirited dance moves, Deelishis penned a heartfelt caption addressing her transformation and responding to comments about her changed appearance.

“Good Morning ☀️ if you’re looking for perfection keep scrolling but if you’re looking for good energy you’re in the right place 😍🙌🏽🤸🏾‍♀️,” she wrote. “Yes I’m smaller so yes these boobs look huge… heard ya 🙄 WHO CARES🤸🏾‍♀️ 🙌🏽 …”

Her upbeat demeanor didn’t go unnoticed by fans, including Instagram user @queenstace36, who expressed curiosity about her weight loss journey.

“Why u losing so much weight @iamsodeelishis,” they commented.

Deelishis promptly responded, revealing her simple approach to shedding pounds.

“@queenstace36 I slowed down eating processed food and immediately the weight starting falling off,” she shared.

Further engaging with her followers, Deelishis reassured them that her focus remains on enjoying life.

“I just be having fun,” she affirmed in another comment.

The former reality show contestant has been open about her fitness journey and lifestyle changes, stressing on the importance of positive energy and self-acceptance throughout her social media presence.

Deelishis’ empowering response to the scrutiny over her appearance highlights her commitment to personal wellness and happiness, resonating with fans who appreciate her authenticity and upbeat spirit.

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