Halle Bailey Joins ‘Is Mommy Okay’ Campaign That Helps Support Mothers Battling Post-Partum Depression

by Gee NY

Grammy-nominated singer and new mom Halle Bailey partners with Natural Cycles to spotlight maternal mental health challenges in their latest campaign, “Is Mommy Okay?”.

The initiative aims to destigmatize and address the often-overlooked emotional and physical difficulties experienced by mothers during the postpartum period.

Bailey, who recently welcomed her son, Halo, with rapper DDG, candidly shares her own journey as a new mother, emphasizing the importance of seeking support and prioritizing maternal well-being.

Through her Instagram platform, Bailey calls for society to extend grace and understanding to mothers, acknowledging the need for better care and resources.

“Is Mommy Okay?” seeks to dismantle the isolation commonly felt by postpartum mothers by promoting self-care and encouraging open dialogue.

“As a new mommy, i’ve been so focused on this new journey of learning about the woman i am now and getting the proper support and help i need. ♥️ that’s why i am so excited to share my personal postpartum experience as part of Is Mommy Okay?, an amazing maternal mental health campaign highlighting the need for better maternal support. As a society, we have to start taking better care of moms. Give moms some grace. To my fellow moms out there, you are not alone in your struggle,” she posted on Instagram.

Natural Cycles, in addition to lending its name to the cause, introduces a new app feature tailored to support postpartum mothers.

“And if you do need support, @naturalcycles is a fantastic resource,” says the talented singer.

Bailey’s advocacy and Natural Cycles’ commitment to maternal health aim to foster solidarity and empower mothers, ensuring that no mother feels alone in her struggles.

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