Interview w/ Colors Of A Girl CEO, Christina A. Davis | @ColorsOfAGirl #BlackGirlMagic

by Yah Yah

CEO and President of Colors Of A Girl Christina Angela Davis talks to about her inspirational company, Colors Of A Girl. Colors Of A Girl, which features a ‘Tutu Dress Shop,’ is dedicated to empowering to love themselves and to inspire young girls that every shade matters.

SMC: What made you come with the idea for Colors Of A Girl?

CAD: When I thought about what I wanted to express through the business, I thought of Colors Of A Girl. Each and every girl comes in all shades inside and out. One girl is never the same, and that is my goal to make sure every girl is celebrated and has a voice for themselves. Girls should be able to express who they are without judgment or people looking down on them. All girls are perfect in their own way. When I thought of Colors Of A Girl, I wanted the word COLORS to be the focus. Why? Because not one shade, one hair, one heart, and one mind are alike. We express and explore ourselves differently, and that’s what makes a girl unique.

SMC: How important is it to represent all shades of Black and Brown girls?

CAD: Colors Of A Girl represent all nationalities. But being a black woman myself it was important to be able to show that the stereotype of our young girls are not real. I am a black woman with green eyes and brownness blonde mix hair, and just because I’m black doesn’t make my features define who I am as a black woman, as a black girl, and even as a human being. I use to get teased all the time because I look different from other kids I went to school with, and I couldn’t understand why. I play like you, and I have feelings just like you do. My goal is to show that beauty comes in all shades. Brown skin, light skin which every shade you are, your beauty is beautiful.

SMC: What was the concept behind Twirl Of Color?

CAD: The concept behind Twirl Of Color was to embracing your inner beauty so it can show on the outside of you. We live in a must win all the time world. Sometimes you lose track of your goals and the purpose of the task on hand. Everyone wants to win, but it shouldn’t be the main focus. Focus on yourself, and you can accomplish your goals, and understand what winning really means. The main character Chrissy displays all different types of emotions to the point where she wants to quit. This is how girls feel every day with different pressures from life. Young girls have to find a way to be able to handle it all without discrediting themselves.

SMC: Do you feel there is a shortage of books for children of color?

CAD: I do feel there is a shortage of books for children of color. I also feel like there is a shortage of meaningful books altogether. I like to teach lessons in my books. Realistic lessons in my books. I want a girl to be able to think of my books when they have a problem, or just need an extra smile and laughter for the day. It’s important to me to make my books fun, colorful, diverse, and positive.

SMC: You sell tutus on the website? Why tutu’s in particular?

Yes, I sell Tutus on the website. I chose Tutus to be a part of the story line because of how colorful and playful they are. They express my point about all different shades, and with different shades come different kinds of beauty. What girl doesn’t love a tutu? I’m grown, and I love wearing them.

SMC: If you could go back and give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

CAD: If I can go back and give myself a piece of advice, it would be to always to think first, accomplish second, and go for the win last. If I can think it, believe it, and accomplish it, then I’m already a winner. Don’t have your hands out for a pot of gold, without catching the silver and bronze first.

SMC: What is Black Girl Magic to you?

CAD: Black Girl Magic to me is like a show that keeps on giving. We surprise you every single time. You can’t predict the magic we possess. We are strong and powerful. Smart and courageous. Most importantly we “Black Girls” have the knowledge of power that always strikes a mighty blow.

You can purchase Christina’s bookTwirl Of Color and other products at

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