JT Plays Fairy Godmother! Gifts Red Carpet Stunner To Lucky Fan

by Grace Somes
JT and Autumn Simone || Image credit: @thegirljt @autumnsimone

JT has given away one of her exclusive red carpet gowns to a lucky fan for her beauty pageant competition.

In a heartwarming act of benevolence, the rapper JT has given a stunning red carpet-gown to an aspiring Miami pageant contestant, inspiring many with her generosity.

JT’s stunning gown to the 2022 BET Awards exemplifies the rapper’s impeccable fashion sense. The dress, an exquisite silver number, boasts intricate beadwork, a flowing silhouette, and an elegant train that exudes sophistication and glamour. The gown’s fitted and flair bodice, sheer panels, and draped rhinestone detailing were simply stunning.

It seamlessly combines modern style and classic elegance, making it ideal for a beauty pageant stage.

But how did the aspiring pageant queen connect with the City Cinderella?

On April 21, Autumn Simone, a Twitter/X user, made a simple request. “I wanna wear @ThegirlJT dress to my Miss Florida competition,” she stated on Instagram. “Y’all tag her!” “I represent my city in June.”

She added to her tweet, “This is not a play competition, by the way! “I am running for Miss America!”

What began as a hopeful message quickly gained popularity online.

JT responded in under an hour, asking Autumn which dress she was referring to. After identifying the formal attire, she said, “Got you.”

On June 28, Autumn Simone, aka Miss Miami Gardens, competed in JT’s gown. She posted pictures online of herself on stage, sparkling and dazzling with each step.

“I want to thank a born and raised Miami musician @thegirljt and her team @shaqpalmerr for taking the time out to have this special request given to me on my special day. This EXACT dress was worn by the rap star at the BET AWARDS 2022. Your graciousness is appreciated,” Autumn wrote on Instagram.

“Florida girls really run it,” JT commented under Autumn’s celebratory carousel post. “You made my day. I’m crying, lol you kilt it! It fits you perfectly.”

With summer officially here, JT hopes to topple the competition with her upcoming mixtape, City Cinderella. JT’s solo debut mixtape, City Cinderella, is set to drop on July 19.


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