Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancée’ Unfollows’ Him After Drake Diss Alleges She Cheated With Dave Free

by Grace Somes
Whitney Alford, Kendrick Lamar and Drake || Image credit: @blushedbywhit @champagnepapi @kendricklamar

Drake’s diss track, “Family Matters,” suggests that Kendrick Lamar’s fiancée, Whitney Alford, had an affair during their ongoing feud.

Whitney Alford, Kendrick Lamar’s fiancée, has been dragged into his feud with Drake. And she, in turn, has hit Kendrick Lamar’s ‘unfollow’ button on Instagram.

Many fans suspect Alford’s actions are in response to the ‘shocking’ accusations being hurled at her person during her baby daddy’s fight with the Canadian rapper

Amid the ongoing drama between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, both have made personal references to their lives.

It seems Drake has taken a bit too nasty dig at Lamar because, in his recently released Family Matters, the 37-year-old singer seemingly implied that Lamar’s fiancée, Whitney Alford, allegedly had an affair with Lamar’s manager and creative partner, Dave Free.

Drake also claimed that one of Kendrick Lamar’s children, Whitney Alford, was fathered by her alleged side dude.

“You did her dirty all her life, you tryna make peace/ I heard that one of them little kids might be Dave Free/Don’t make it Dave Free’s/’Cause if your GM is your BM secret BD/ Then this is all makin’ plenty f***in sense to me,” Drake rapped.

This is not the first time Drake has insinuated that K. Dot’s woman has been unfaithful to him. 

In 2020, Drizzy alluded to rumors that Kendrick’s fiancée, Whitney Alford, was unfaithful in the 2020 song “POPSTAR,” suggesting she was dating his bodyguard.

However, Kendrick Lamar has a history of addressing personal issues in his music. He admits his infidelity in the song “Mother I Sober” from his album “Mr. Morality and the Big Steps.”

In his lyrics, he confesses to having been unfaithful to Alford and the emotional impact this had on her.

“Intoxicated, there’s a lustful nature I haven’t mentioned / Insecurities I project, sleeping with other women / Whitney’s pain, the pure soul I know, I found her in the kitchen / Ask God, ‘Where did I lose myself? And can it be forgiven?'”

However, all these allegations have yet to be officially confirmed.

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